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Color is Life

Can you imagine a world without ? I couldn’t! It’s my life! I love colors. It relieves my stress and makes me happy. Having the right color in a home is important. It looks appealing, it enhances your mood, and gives you peace and harmony.

Maybe your asking me right now “How would I know that my palette is right?” It’s all in the ‘‘ application! If you use this, you can never go wrong.

Color Harmony is a mobile application in android where you can download it in Google Play for free. This application is so amazing. You just attach any inspirational image of your choice and it will automatically detect all the colors in the image. The inspirational image can be your favorite landscape, scenery or any interior space you desire. It’s fun to experiment any image you like!

Below are my samples from the app and you can use these color palettes for your home improvement projects. Feel free to share your Color Harmony palettes in my FB Group I heart this.

*If you’re an iOS user, you can download Paint Harmony.

This was shot outside our unit and I couldn’t believe a simple picture as this has generated a gorgeous palette. It works best in your living room and bedroom.
This was in Coron Town Proper, Philippines. It’s a souvenir shop that sells a jewelry box made of seashells. This combination is perfect for your Dream Kitchen
Gorgeous sunset I captured just outside our balcony. Your daughter would love to have those hues in her bedroom.
This was shot in Velada Estates Antipolo, Philippines. Greenery is the key! This palette will give your Kitchen a fresh ambiance.
This shot is at a souvenir shop in Coron, Philippines. The color palette generated can be used in your master bedroom or living room.
These tiles are from Wilcon Depot, Philippines. The tiles and the palette looks gorgeous on your kitchen.

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