Love it or not, for me It’s Tiffany Pratt!

Tiffany Pratt is the first Interior that captured my heart. I discovered her on the TV show ‘Buy it, Fix it, Sell it.’ It’s a show about upcycling bought auctioned items and selling it at a high price. It’s a competition between four of them and Tiffany is the only girl. She bagged most of the wins. Girl Power it is!

Being inclined to the world of interior , I look up to a lot of interior designers and I’m always attracted to the ones. I guess it’s because I, myself, am a maximalist. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want Monochromatic or Scandinavian interiors. I can transform into different design styles if I wanted to.

I love Tiffany’s personality. She’s fun, vibrant, colorful, creative and very talented. A DIY Queen at heart – that is what she is famous for. Pink is the name of the game. She loves all hues of pink. In the images below is a snapshot of parts of her home. You could see pink is always present.

This is her closet. All Photos credits to @thetiffanypratt
Beautiful Kitchen!
Girly Bedroom Goals!
I love her light pink living room! There is her baby ween! So cute!

Apart from her TV and design career, she has also a book where her heart and soul can be found. ‘This Can Be Beautiful’ is a book about Tiffany’s DIY projects that are easy to do.

The projects found in the book uses materials that are already present in your home. You need not spend a lot to make a beautiful piece – be it a home decor, beauty essential, or kids craft.

So, take a closer look inside your home, gather all items that you’re about to throw – think again, are you gonna throw it? or use it to make something beautiful out of it?

As Maxwell Ryan, Co-Founder of Apartment Therapy quoted:

An incredible crafting book, but closer to happiness manifesto, Tiffany Pratt is one part stylist, one part life coach. Her vibrant enthusiasm paired with sun-filled images made me want to get glittering immediately.

I’m so grateful to Tiffany for sending me her book with a dedication. I still remember the moment I got it from the post office, my heart is pounding! I just can’t believe it. She must have been happy with the Social Media Report I made for her.

Tiffany is very dear to me. She’s sweet and approachable. She’s real! I always thought famous interior designers are hard to reach but with her, everything is like a breeze in the ocean.

Perhaps because we share the same birthday? Yes, you heard it ‘the same’ of course different year. Twist of fate shall I call it

Currently, she’s been busy with her show as HGTV host in ‘Home to Win’ on HGTV Canada. In her spare time, she would just do lots of DIY and spend time with her little bundle of joy – a ween pup.

Check out her puppy on Instagram @thepoppypratt. Also if you want more design inspiration, check out her Instagram @thetiffanypratt and her website

Do you LOVE rainbows, glitters and everything pink?

Do you LOVE playing on and not afraid to splash it all over your be it indoors or outdoors?

Do you LOVE violets, yellow, blue, green and everything in between?

LOVE IT OR NOT, for me it’s gotta be TIFFANY PRATT!

*Featured Image credits to @kokophoto

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