A Maximalist’s Dream

is life shall I say, it makes me happy and inspired all day! I’ve been dreaming of a maximalist balcony so I often dive-in to Instagram and check out enthusiasts with a vibrant and colorful aesthetic.

I stumbled into this one Insta account that made my world stopped spinning and focus on the colorful feed of @raddatattchazz. I honestly told myself: “This Insta account doesn’t need any feed styling anymore, it’s so perfect in all aspect.

Meet Chasity, she’s the woman behind @raddatattchazz. A maximalist by nature and a true hippie at heart. Her style is a Southwestern Boho with a hint of retro. She loves to play on color and mix and match it beautifully in her 40-acre farm home. Yes! a home inside her farm.

Chasity is living with her husband (Derek), their 3 dogs, 19 chickens, and 2 ducks AND counting! Below are shots of her home interiors that would take you to a happy place you didn’t know existed!

Chasity and her husband – Derek
All photos credits to @raddatattchazz

I love how she combines vibrant colors and still looks stunning. Colors such as blue, yellow, red, orange and lots of greeneries dominate her . To see more of her vibrant and colorful haven, check her out on Instagram @raddatattchazz

If you want to make your bold and vibrant, go ahead splash some colors on it. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. The key here is to always have the right color palette as your guide so your designed room would still look cohesive.
To help you decide on the right color palette for your space, you can check out my blog Color is Life.
Happy Decorating!

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