About Me

All of us have that spark of creativity inside us, waiting to be ignited.

I’m excited to share with you my creativity in many aspects.

May I inspire you and help you bring out your creative juices as well.

At a young age, I seem to get fascinated in collecting Interior

pictures and drawing houses. When I reached highschool,

I got interested with lettering as well.

As I grew up, I know in my heart, I wanted to be a designer.

When I entered college, unfortunately, I took a business course and

put off my dream of being a designer.

After I graduated, I had a job in a bank and worked for 12yrs.

Inspite of having a stable job, I  don’t feel fulfilled and complete.

So along the course of working, I have ventured in different creative

hobbies such as fashion accessories making and calligraphy.

Come March 2017, I finally resigned from my job, and pursue my heart’s

desire.  Come and join me in my journey to the world of Style and Design!

I am Rochelle and I will always be ‘The Designer at Heart’