Ten things that ‘The Designer at Heart’ loves

I’m Inspired!

Yes! I’m inspired! The thoughts of colors, textures, patterns, furniture and everything about interior styling, decoration, and makes me feel alive and kicking!

So, what are the Top 10 things that I ?

  1. Colors! I like matching pastels with one dark as an accent.  I search for different hues in Pinterest and mix and match them and it looks cool! I also use the app ‘Color Harmony’ you just attach any picture you want and it will detect all the color in the picture. Isn’t that amazing? It’s free in android only. For Apple iOS, you can download ‘Paint Harmony’
  2. Bohemian themed room! who doesn’t anyway? The woods and plants combined with white canopy and macrame accents and geometric-shaped pendant lights. Then imagine your carpet has bold colors with gorgeous patterns and partner it with a colorful bluish-orangey blanket. Oh, so boho!
  3. Geometric patterns! Be it in pillows, blankets, furniture, frames, and everything! These type of Patterns adds a little spice to your . Try it on your room, trust me you’ll love it.
  4. I’m obsessed with Eiffel tower. It’s so gorgeous and it fits any room and in almost any theme you want.
  5. Coastal theme! It’s about the beach,  sand, seashells, starfish and turquoise ocean. It’s so mesmerizing and relaxing.
  6. Faux Furs. It softens a space. Try buying some furry pillow and faux fur carpet, it would instantly give your room a classy feel.
  7. Calligraphy. I love writing. As a left-handed, I feel that I can express my creativity in writing through calligraphy. I put it in frame and lo and behold, it’s an instant DIY (do it yourself) too.
  8. A Shabby-chic theme is love. It’s airy and girly and gives a laid-back feel. Those gorgeous pastels in this theme are to die for.
  9. Colorful Beads! I love to mix and match different beads to form a beautiful bracelet or necklace. You can check out Roch Creations for my hand-crafted accessories.
  10. Rustic theme. The very famous theme! Some even use it during weddings and party. Rustic feel is like bringing in the woody forest to your room with a little touch of modern to enhance the space. I just love it!

So there it is! So, what’s your Top ten love? Share it with me by posting on the comment box below.

Happy Designing Everyone!

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